Aab Review ~ Peace Lilly

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Whenever I am sent something to review, the first thing I look at is the quality of the garment. There is no use in giving glowing reviews if the garment is not right! Alhumdulillah so far all the companies I have chosen to work with have been fantastic (I have actually turned down offers from some companies based purely on my gut instinct).
So needless to say I was expecting quality from the renowned UK based company Aab and again Alhumdulillah I was not disappointed.
This gorgeous black Peace Lilly abaya is perfect in every way. Made of 100% brushed linen, the fabric is not what I expected. It resembles an excellent quality viscose as it does not crease easily like linen usually does. I wore it out all day, sitting in a car and walking around and it only managed a few small creases, but hardly noticeable which I was chuffed about.

This abaya was made especially for Hajj, and to make your journey easy, this abaya includes zipped concealed pockets on both sides to keep all your essentials safe, buttoned cuffs to make wudu a breeze, drawstring at the waist so that the abaya does not drag on the floor, and a medium length zipper down the front of the abaya for easy wear.
The beauty of this abaya is that it is spot in for nursing mums as the zipper makes feeding your child too easy!

The abaya is not sheer so you do not have to wear a lining at all which is great for summer!
Sizing is true to size as is the length as I had no issues in choosing based on my measurements.
An all rounder fabulous abaya, especially for all you ladies who appreciate a clever plain abaya for everyday wear. I can honestly say this will become a staple in my wardrobe. Well done to Aab!

Make sure you visit Aab by clicking on the gorgeous banner over here ------> and check out the Peace Lilly which my lovelies also comes on white! So classy mashallah!


  1. Im not a fan of linen but this makes me want to give it a try. That might be a really good dress for the sweat stain-inducing weather coming in the states! lol

  2. Me too! But it is so not like the linen I have seen before! Yes it is completely perfect for summer! And there is a white version! Eek!

  3. So gorgeous! Is it cool?

  4. So gorgeous! Is it cool?

  5. Yes it definitely keeps you cool Anon!

  6. where is the hijab from?


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