Majesty by Wahat Aljalabiya & Competition!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Salams my lovelies,
Here I am again with another Wahat Aljalabiya review of the most gorgeous kaftan I own. I have been sent many beautiful pieces of clothing from Wahat Aljalabiya but I think the Majesty Butterfly  has taken the cake in terms of detail, comfortability and style. I love its butterfly sleeves and its deep purple hue makes the hand made silvery taupe beading and embroidery stand out even more. Absolutely perfect for a henna night or wedding this stunner will surely turn heads.

I will quickly outline the competition details here before I begin the review. I appreciate all my readers and here is a small token of my appreciation :)
All you have to do to win a SURPRISE kaftan from this reputable and awesome company is share their FB page (click here to go directly to their fan page) make sure you urge your friends in the status to like their page. Once you have done so write a quick comment under this post notifying us that you have completed the step along with your FB name.
You must be a follower of this blog to enter!

Styling this piece was easy, all I had to do was put it on! I wore simple black heels, a gigantic black ring and a glittery shawl hijab that matches the colour of the bust and cuff embroidery/beading. When wearing such intricate pieces I think it is best to keep everything else simple and chic.

 The skirt of the kaftan is in a floral design, again kept in the same hue of the rest of the piece. There are two tie strings at the waist of the kaftan that is hidden underneath, this is to ensure a good fit and add a bit of shape. Tieing this is completely optional, you can choose to leave it loose though I must admit I did try it and it felt insecure and all over the place!

The kaftan comes with a sleeveless purple satin dress. To cover the arms I wore a HalfTee black crop turtle neck top.


  1. Hey this is rakhshaanda entered the competition right now....
    Inshallah I will win :)

  2. Hi! just entered the competition for Wahat Aljalabiya, Inshallah I wil win really like their stuff :)

  3. Hi dear :) Love ur post!!
    Please take a look at my hijab fashion blog

  4. Done! I have shared their page...
    FB Name: Nura Ahmad

  5. This is yet another gorgeous piece. I love the colour. Looking stunning as always mashallah xoxox

  6. Salaams:)

    Man this kaftan is so regal and i don't just mean it coz of the color!!

    I sure would feel all princessy if i wore it haha:)

    is it possible to consider my entry for this competition?

    i am following you via bloglovin, name is Ann Shake and i have shared Wahat Aljalabiya's facebook page and have requested everyone to check it out and like it. Link of proof:

  7. Liked and shared :)

    Facebook Name: A Muslim Almirah

  8. Doneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. very nıce blog:)

  10. I had liked their page for a while now and I re-shared it. My facebook name is Sofia Natty and I made that publication open to public ;)

    Just found out your blog so I will check the other posts :)

  11. Hi! I have done the steps to enter this competition!

    My facebook name is sraja1995 or if you cant find me using my username try my email which is

    Thank you :) <3


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