HalfTee ~ A Must have

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I was recently sent another HalfTee to review for all my lovely readers. I already own the black and white turtle neck version so this time I was sent a cream round neck version to try out. 
I love these modesty tops as they are so versatile and well made. 
The fabric is a super soft cotton spandex which translates into the most comfortable and stretchy material. It feels like wearing nothing at all. The stitching is minimal so there is no itching and finishes seamlessly. But the best part of a HalfTee is in its name! It is a crop top that ends just beneath the bust so  there isn't any bunching underneath those delicate outfits. The HalfTee ensures a completely discreet look that is comfortable.
Before I jump into the review I just want to let you all know that lucky readers of Hijab Revival get a whopping 20% off their next purchase! Just quote revival20 at the checkout!

Here I am with a recent Wahat Aljalabiya review, the sleeves if this gorgeous kaftan was sheer so of course I had to wear my black HalfTee underneath to ensure modesty.

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  1. yessss such products are so convenient and great! looks as though they are of great quality!

  2. I just get a plain primark top and cut it in half!!


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