Review ~ Islamic Design House Sky Blue Swish

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Here I am with my second review for the modest clothing company Islamic Design House (click here to see my last review). Before I jump into the review please do not forget the excellent deal Islamic Design House is offering Hijab Revival readers, click on the banner here ---------->
This time I chose a more casual abaya, aptly named the Sky Blue Swish, this abaya has a definite sporty vibe to it.

Made of a thick cotton fabric, this abaya not only breathes, which shocked me in itself since it is so dense. but also ensures there is no clinging.

This cutie pie abaya also features two deep pockets, handy to hold your keys or phone. So fantastic for the woman on the go!

What I loved most about this abaya was the different hoodie design.The hood is made of a cotton jersey which connects to a jersey piece that drapes over the front of the abaya. It is fantastic to disguise the chest area but also adds a funky twist to the whole look. Love.


  1. This is a nice simple style which can be wear in any season and working women also can wear while in office. The stuff seems to be cotton which is comfortable in wearing. Waiting for your new designs, keep it up.


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