Abayas Boutique ~ Empress Crochet Lace

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I was generously sent a gorgeous abaya called the Empress Crochet Lace by the company known as Abayas Boutique. 
As the name suggests this abaya has a panel of black crochet across the bust of the abaya as well as the hem of its sweet bell sleeves. 
The front of the abaya is designed with gorgeous pleats whereas the back is completely plain and simple.
The abaya is held together in two ways, one being the hidden belt underneath the abaya which you tie around your waist. This is so the abaya holds it shape and sits where it is supposed to sit. The second way is with the robe style belt that ends in two gorgeous tassels. 
I was also sent its matching hijab/shayla but chose to make this abaya my own and accessorise it with my own hijab. 
I will let the pictures do the talking..

Pink hijab pink bag and nude heels.. Yes? No? Maybe??

Ya'll know I loves me some gold accessories.. Hehe

I chose this deep pink silk shawl hijab to wear with the very girly abaya as the colour really works well with black. I think the Turkish styling of the hijab is perfect for this abaya. What do you think?

The gorgeous crochet, pleats and robe belt in macro view. Gorgeous no?

Make sure you like their Facebook page click here and to purchase this design head on over to their website http://www.abayasboutique.com/

You can also find them on Instagram @abayasboutique


  1. I love the bottom of the abaya the most! Your scarf is so adorable!


  2. So stunning mashallah! I love the pleats! XL Sarah

  3. What happened to your Facebook page? L,ove this abayahby the way

  4. it is a beautiful abaya, and I don't actually mind the nude heels much.. nude is the new black! :) I love nude shoes with almost anything, but sometimes I too feel black would probably look better.

  5. Salam.
    Congratulations! May Allah be proud of her/him.
    /dr Mina

  6. Salam alaikum,

    May I ask where you got the pink shawl from? It's beautiful.


  7. Thanks Sara t! Your comment is much appreciated!

  8. Yes the pleats r my fave too Sarah! Xx thanks for you lovely comment

  9. Anon, I closed my FB account a couple of months ago. It got
    Boring and monotonous . Thanks for your comment!

  10. Yer I couldn't decide edb! What I love about nude though is that it looks like your not wearing shoes hehe :) thanks for your comment :)

  11. Smile sadaqa, it was a gift from Turkey. I know it's lovely isn't it I actually want more!! :)

  12. Love it all! the shoes, the abaya , the scarf and of course the bag :)

  13. may i ask, where did you get your purse from, it is so cute!!!!!!!!

  14. Hey Leah! I had bought it from Aldo last year!

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  16. I really like the crochet detail on the abaya, I'm feeling a bit of a 60s vintage feel, a little bit Lana Del Ray. Looks great with the pink x

  17. Thanks so much Fashion Hayley that is a huge compliment!! Xxxx


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