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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Assalamu Aleikum!

Here we are again with another review of some gorgeous goodies! This time the items are from the U.S based company Islamic Gems. This popular and in demand company is run by jewellery designer Nida Mirza who tries to cater to the female Muslim community by creating innovative and unique designs. Her pins are fantastic and made of very good quality materials. One thing that annoys me about most pins is a blunt end, but Islamic Gems pins are excellent in that department. As soon as I slid the pin into my super thin hijab, it was a smooth transition, no snagging or pulling in sight. 
I also appreciated the size and weight of the pin. You can instantly tell it is not some cheaply made accessory, but rather a piece of stunning jewellery.

I was graciously sent two new designs, the Ith-nain XX and the Ith-nain XVIII. 

Each piece comes with a metal tag with the company name on it. Very classy and sweet!

The pins came in a gorgeous black velvet pouch which only added more luxury to the whole gift. Thank you Islamic Gems!

I decided to style the Ith-nain XX with similar toned accessories against a neutral beige hijab to really make the turquoise blue stand out.

 The Ith-nain XVIII is a more understated brooch with pearly toned stones. I also teamed it with similar toned rings against a beige hijab. I love the whole look of super plain hijab with stunning hijab jewellery. I feel as though it makes it look more understated and chic.

These pins would be a great accessory to any formal occasion  I love the fact that you can not only wear them on your hijab, but also as a regular brooch with any outfit. I think these pins would look great on a blazer or even a chunky winter sweater. 

Having read through the Islamic Gems website, I came across the Giving Back tab. I want you all to go and have a read at the wonderful gift Islamic Gems are bestowing on women around the world. Go on, have a read now!

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  1. Lovely lovely lovely!

  2. Lovely lovely lovely!

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    Could I use your third image on a blog "Arabic Scarf Fashion" for my Online Fashion Magazine - GLamzzle?

    Love the style.

  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Love all the little gems...great post xx

  5. Aisha, I have replied to your email :)

  6. Hijab files they are gorgeous aren't they?


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