Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Melbourne is currently hosting the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and one thing that has stood out is the use of prints. I have always loved prints so it was exciting to see so many beautiful fabrics being used by most designers. Another favourite this season seems to be lace and leather. I usually do not follow these trends religiously but it is always nice to see something you love being utilised in innovative ways :)

I love the print of this silk dress. It is lively but not too much for my taste. 
The hijab I am wearing is actually home made. I bought the fabric at a local fabric store and then simply sewed the edges that fray. It has its own frill edge that does not fray so I simply left those bits alone. I like the way it looks, kind of rough but different. 

Are you a fan of prints? Let me know in the comments box :)


  1. yes yes yes and yes! love prints, and the print on your dress is just gorgeous... and the colours too! ummmm btw, didn't you just give birth like 1-2 weeks ago? mashaallah, I can't even tell!!!!

  2. Yes I love prints too but sometimes they can get too much so I stick to plain fabrics for a while. I like the print on your dress.

  3. Thanks guys! I think prints are an excellent camouflage for bits you want to hide ;)

  4. Love your dress, the print is so lovely, I like prints, I have some flower ones, but I will look for some more and differents.


  5. Thank you so much Laila! Check ebay there are heaps to choose from there!

  6. That is a cute dress and yes your right not too much print for the eye to take. xoxox


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