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Friday, February 22, 2013

Here are some of my pieces styled for your viewing pleasure. I have sold a few pieces alhumdulillah) so I am chuffed about that!
I have since made two more which I will be adding to the SHOP tab above. The Blue Wave and the B&W are brand spanking new (I finished the B&W just moments ago!)

Add pizzazz to an interesting print dress with this show stopper. The Tribal 2 is still available!

The original Tribal neck piece is an intricate and eye catching design that will shine no matter what you wear with it! Here I styled it with a printed hi-low dress.

The 1920's necklace is sweet and very lady like. Wear it with a gorgeous blouse and a high waisted skirt to get maximum impact.

The True Flapper accessory looks tricky but is so easy to wear and style! Its shimmy shake tassels are perfect for elegant evening outfits.

The Blue Wave is a modern take on 1950's glamour. Here I have teamed it with a Mad Men inspired vintage wiggle dress. It is all prim and proper in the front but with an exotic twist at the back (see below pictures)

The B&W is very in trend now with black and white being the favoured colours of the current season. It is perfect for any outfit but here I have teamed it with a simple black print dress and a silver clutch/purse.


  1. Hey there, New to your blog..
    I must say all your designs are pretty awesome :)

  2. I love the third outfit. I never combined dark oranges and browns with blue, but now I'm giving it a try. Thank you for inspiration :D

    Check me out and follow

  3. Thanks manamind and purple chola! Xxxx

  4. Loving your designs however I must say the tribal ones are my favorite....Right up my alley xx

  5. Amazing ideas and inspirations!!!




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