Review ~ Mullani UK

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ever wanted a someone to design something that is elegant but super easy to wear? Something that can be literally worn with anything whether it be casual or formal but still look classy and stylish? Well so have I and I think I have found the solution for you and it goes by the name of Mullani.

Mullani is an up and coming UK Muslim fashion brand that caters to both Muslim and non Muslim women. Its designs are made so that they can wither be layered or worn alone. 
When I received an email by the Mullani designer herself I was so excited to review her clothing as I saw how gorgeous and flattering they looked on her website

I was instantly drawn to the Eris design long sleeve wrap dress as it looked so comfortable and chic at the same time. Made of a silky crepe fabric this dress does not stick to your body but rather glides over it. Here is the accurate description from the Mullani online store.
"She is a timeless easy to slip on wrap dress, closed with two buttons which insures the dress is secure, you won't ever have to worry about revealing a leg with each stride, making it the ultimate day to night dress. Eris’s details include: Two buttons, gathered shoulders, comes with a sash but could also be worn without it."

When I received the package I was blown away by the packaging! It reminded me of the packaging high end shopping sites use. It came in a hard black box with the name printed at the top. Closed with a black ribbon the dress was wrapped in white tissue paper further adding to its luxurious look.

Mullani also sell gorgeous handbags that you can purchase to make your outfit complete! Click here to go directly to the handbags.

I highly recommend Mullani to all who want a luxurious and high end experience as they truly know how to make you feel like a valuable customer. Everything from the packaging to the actual product is spot on. 


  1. What a chic dress. Never heard of mullani before today thanks

  2. You should have worn a different color hijab but nice dress and nice review! Aisha

  3. I love your blog mashallah its so sweet

    Check my blog out and follow me if you like it I will be so happy if u do hun

  4. Anon 1 thanks so much I'm glad you heard it here first! Check out their stuff as they have such beautiful stuff mashallah!

  5. Aisha, I was going to but I thought all black can also look nice. If I did wear a diff scarf I would have worn a silver one I just made recently. Oh well :) thanks for your comment!

  6. Salams Marufa! I will check out your blog! Thanks for your comment!

  7. Gorgeous!! Simple yet oh so elegant.


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