Luxury Divine ~ Marlena

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Velvet has always been synonymous with royalty, beauty and complete luxury. Soft to touch its claim to fame  lies in its iridescent shimmer. As soon as I saw the Marlena handbag from My Batua I knew it was the bag for me. Large enough to place all the essentials into its satin lined pouch, it is also luxurious enough to wear out to a wedding or very fancy occasion.

I adore its fish scale pattern, made with brass coloured metal sequins that are stacked tightly together at the mouth of the bag and then gradually decrease to a soft scattering towards the base of the bag.

Its brass frame resembles the styles of yesteryear and its beaded handle measures a good 47 centimetres of absolute gorgeousness.

This bag is absolutely gorgeous and available at or simply click this link to go directly to the bag. Such luxury at such an excellent price cannot be ignored.


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