Gift Swap With Serra's Alternative Wardrobe

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Here I am again with another fun and exciting gift swap, this time a swap with a blogger from my own roots TURKIYE!
As soon as I started following Serra's blog Serra's Alternative Wardrobe I knew I loved her style and would love to swap gifts with her. As most of you know, gift giving in Islam is highly looked upon. It promotes harmony and mutual affection between the gift givers and when Muslims love each other for the sake of Allah, well that is something beautiful.

In order to make everything equal, we had decided upon a set amount. That way it made things easier and cancelled out any chances of either of going nuts with shopping!
We also decided to send each other things that were unique to our respective countries. So Serra would send me things that were typically Turkish and I would send her things that were pure Australian. I decided early on to concentrate my gifts around fashion items as I soon realised it was pretty hard to find so many items that were "Australian". I conversed this to Serra just to give her a heads up which worked out well.

So I will simply jump right into the massive box I received from the beautiful land of Turkiye. The first thing I noticed was the sheer size of the box when it arrived. I thought OH MY GOODNESS this is huge!

As soon as I opened the box, before I even saw what was inside I got a whiff of heady spices that reminded me of my mums kitchen.

The cute spice sampler with the most gorgeous spice grinder in the middle

The next gift was this little silver gift box. It is so Turkish in every way, both in the symmetrical design on the box and the shape. You can use this in so many ways, either as a jewellery box or even in the kitchen which is where I have placed it. I will use it when I have guests and probably fill it with Turkish delights.

Spice grinder and silver gift box

I also recieved this selection box of fig Turkish delights. They were yummy!

Serra also sent me a traditional evil eye charm (these are now used purely for decorative purposes) and a tin of traditional Turkish coffee.

My favourite gift was what was waiting for me in this box. Serra sent me a silk shawl hijab that she favours in her daily wardrobe. She sent it in a gorgeous pink shade. Love <3 p="">
Also in this picture is a pink beaded head band and in that gorgeous little pink box lays a ring with wings! It is now my favourite ring :)

Finally the last thing I opened was a little black box with the most delicate and gorgeous decorative comb and mirror set I have seen. It is designed in the traditional Ottoman style which is a style I adore! Have a look for yourself and see.

Head on over to Serra's blog to have a look at the goodies I bought her. Everything I sent were Aussie designed - labels such as Alannah Hill, Black Friday and Mink Pink and of course something from my own design collection ;) Her blog is written in Turkish but who cares when you have gorgeous photo's to look at!


  1. OMG each and every gift is so beautiful and special in its own way. Serra is such a lovely woman, I too have been following her for a couple years now. She has great taste in everything (as much as I have seen from her blog). By the way, I dunno why but yours and some other people's blog posts don't show up on my feed? Pissing me off, darn Blogspot :) Gule gule kullan :)

    oh and I like the photos, so nice and vibrant :)

  2. Gule Gule kullan :) I love receiving gifts from Turkey because you just can't find the same things here. BTW you should have sent her tim tams and vegemite :P I'm sure the vegemite would have received an interesting response :P

  3. Beautiful gifts. Sera, please send me something LOL. And as Edibe said, Sera is a gorgeous beautiful woman. I checked out her blog after your post here and was floored by her style. MashAllah.

  4. loving the comb and the mirror :) to be more precise I adore them :D



  5. MashaAllah sis! Wonderful gifts! The spices are amaizing! I visited Istanbul several times but I've never seen such a package of spices! Gorgeous shawl and the pink box!!! Serra has such a wonderful taste!



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