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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I was graciously sent one of the most sought after dresses from the funky and fashionable brand Abaya Addict  to review. Their abayas and long sleeve dresses are so popular that they immediately sell out as soon as they appear online. I think the fact that they are made of gorgeous fabrics and are so easy to wear really make this brand a must have for any woman's wardrobe. 
Everything is long sleeved, full maxi length and no pesky low cut d├ęcolletage so all you really need to do is pop it on with a fabulous Abaya Addict hijab and you are ready to go. 
I'm sure you all feel annoyed and frustrated with layering and thinking of what to wear under/over things.. 

The black peplum dress is made up of two types of fabrics. The skirt and arms are a super soft and top quality jersey fabric whereas the body and peplum is made of a thicker fabric that holds its shape. This is essential especially for the peplum as it needs to be thicker in order for it to keep its shape. 

It has a long zip running down the back for easy wear which in my opinion also adds to the funky look of the dress.

What I loved and appreciated most about this dress was the skirt. Most peplum dresses I have seen have a very fitted skirt whereas the lovely designer and owner Dr. Deanna Khalil has thought modestly and designed a full A Line style skirt to accompany the peplum top. 

I styled the dress with the stunning teal blue hijab also sent to me by Abaya Addict. It is a super thin and lightweight solid coloured rectangle hijab which looked fabulous with the all black dress. I feel as though this dress is multi functional. It can be worn to a wedding or special occasion but in my opinion it can also be worn as an office outfit provided you keep the rest of the outfit toned down and elegant. 

Here are two Abaya Addict hijabs that were sent to me. How freeking adorable it the car print hijab? And its name? A street car named desire!! OMG!

Click any of the large Abaya Addict links I have provided above or go to http://www.abayaaddict.com/. When you get there and make a purchase please let them know Hijab Revival sent you!! 


  1. Oh my! So pretty and elegant! Absolutely love the peplum!

  2. Really good job. Thumbs up!
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  3. I agree with the a line skirt comment. Much better and more modest in my opp. Great review!

  4. Those hijabs are indeed sweet and I really like the way you styled the dress. Looks very classic.

  5. So pretty! I love the modest peplum!

  6. Isn't it just fabulous? Simply gorgeous and super comfortable!

  7. Wow wow wow! So stylish mashallah! And I love how the peplum covers the bottom :)

  8. How can you give an honest review when the dress was sent to you for free? Also, I'm sorry but that zipper if not what's it. What happened to Hidden zippers??

    1. I can and always do give an honest review because I ALWAYS choose the items I review myself. I am never sent something I do not want. If I am ever sent something I do not like or I think is not good I simply do not feature it! I am not one to ruin a business with a harsh review. Also I think you have made some grammatical errors with your last sentence as I do not understand it at all. Thank you.


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