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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I received this fluid black and gold abaya from The Abaya Company over a week ago and already I am in love with its versatility and its uniqueness. Too often I have seen the same sort of Gulf style abaya's that are beautiful no doubt but are so similar to each other. This black beauty is nothing like I have ever been sent.
It is in the robe style with a few clip buttons at the front to keep it closed. If you like to wear your abaya open then you most certainly can. It also comes with a tasselled rope that loops into the front which can be used as a function (i.e. to keep the abaya closed) or simply as an accessory. 

The front and sleeves of the abaya are embroidered in black and gold thread in the most chic and symmetrical style. 

The matching hijab comes with the abaya. Beautiful!

The Abaya Company make all their abaya's to measure so you will definitely get something that fits perfectly. Their fabric and workmanship is excellent to say the least and once you feel their product you will rest assure that you have definitely gotten your moneys worth and more. 

The Abaya Company has been kind enough to offer all Hijab Revival readers FREE SHIPPING on any order for one month from today!! All you have to do is quote Hijab Revival when ordering and voile! No shipping charges! 
Check out their facebook site and make sure you like it. All their abaya's are listed there. Click here to like their page.
I will also have their banner on the right side bar ------> for a month so you have quick and easy access to their page so clickety click to take advantage of their free shipping!!


  1. AMAZING attention to detail on this Abaya, great post I loved it. I dont wear a hijab or Abaya but that doesnt stop me from obsessing over the types of designs and materials you talk about on your blog. Thanks for yet another great post xxx Suz.

  2. Seyma what a stunning abaya. Indeed very different from the many you see. I can't wait to get my hand on some from my trip to Saudi :)))

    I have to say the way you syled it makes the abaya so much more then it really is. Now I want one.

  3. Wow what a gorgeous abaya! I wonder if they ship worldwide?

  4. salam, yes we do ship worldwide:-)

  5. ur right! so many abaya styles are generic. this however, is FABULOUS. u look a million bucks ;)

  6. What a beautiful dress, Masha'Allah!

  7. What a beautiful dress, Masha'Allah!

  8. Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.

    Do you want to follow each other? Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.
    The Style Vow

  9. Thank you so much everyone!
    I love writing for you all!

  10. Thank you so much trendy Melbourne! Xxxx


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