Thursday, January 3, 2013

I am supposed to be posting a review about a beautiful abaya I received a few days ago from The Abaya Company but it is too hot to even consider moving away from the air-con to take pictures of the black and gold stunner (currently 42 deg Celsius or 107.6 Fahrenheit for my American friends). So instead I will post pictures from a Latino festival I attended where I got to feast on delicious food and view some awesome traditional dancing. If you are of south American descent and can name the foods I ate please comment below! (Also I am not sure if the term Latino is correct? Please forgive me if it is not!)


  1. The last one is a tamale! The first is a tortilla with some kind of salsa.

  2. The first dish is soo easy to make ! :D you just need an egg (although they made it diferent or added any other things but the simple one is so easy!)
    The second dish (last picture) looks great!

  3. I'm Muslim convert Latina from an island on the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. Latino means that the person speak a language derivated from Latin as Spanish, Portuguese or Italian.
    In Puerto Rico most of the time the weather is VERY hottt, no winter, no nothing is like all the year is summer :)
    I enjoy reading your blog, keep the good job.


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