Snippets from a fundraiser

Friday, December 28, 2012

Here are a few snippets from a recent ladies only fundraiser. The proceeds from this fundraiser went to Palestine. It was a really sweet event in the theme of high tea! Well done girls!

Gorgeous blue floral hijab over a blue long sleeve maxi dress.

This is the hijab pin sent to me by Jhorna Unique Hijab Pin but was worn on the day by a friend. It looked so lovely over her black hijab mashallah!

I fell in love with my friends pink hijab!

Another stunning long sleeve maxi


  1. the atmosphere looks so pretty. mashaallah seems like a job well done and inshaallah they raised a good amount too!

  2. wow where was this?

  3. Thanks everyone! It was at a fundraiser high tea which raised money for palestine inshallah!


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