Product Review ~ Maysoon Hijabs

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Salams everyone,
I was sent a few hijabs from an online company called Maysoon. The hijabs I was sent are 100% silk shawl hijabs in three different colours and patterns. I was also sent a diamante brooch in a gold tone setting to try out along with the hijabs.

Here are two of the three gorgeous and vibrant colours along with the brooch:

The quality of the hijabs is very good being made of 100% silk. They are of a loose weave which is excellent for summer.

I actually wore the lightest shade of pink in my Wahat Aljalabiya review as it went so well together. I took a few close ups of the hijab.

The Maysoon website is in German but if you scroll down right to the bottom there is an option to change it to English. They accept Paypal, Mastercard and Visa so payment is safe and super easy. Check out their huge variety of quality hijabs and accessories. You can also visit them on FB if you click HERE


  1. Loving these pictures. All lovely :)


  2. Masha'Allah they are really beautiful!
    Thanks for reviewing.

    XO Arezu

  3. I love the colours and texture of the hijabs!

  4. pretty hijabs sis.. lovely review it is.

    i hope you can follow my blog too. id be the happiest. :) thanks.


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