Lunch with Dian Pelangi

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yes it is true.. I met Dian Pelangi and Co. not only at a fashion parade but I had lunch with her two days later. She is the most lovely and gorgeous person mashallah that I was really taken aback. I honestly thought someone of such high profile would not be so down to earth and wonderful to be around!
To me she is the best representative of Islam - a successful businesswoman who is modest and sweet. Any non-Muslim who meets her would definitely leave with the best impression of Islam. So a bunch of Melbourne bloggers and friends took her out to eat at a halal middle eastern style restaurant called Byblos where we ate and sipped on delicious fruit mock-tails and chit chatted about everything. Dian was so lovely that she even brought us all gifts! Too sweet mashallah!
I think we need more young Muslimah like Dian to represent and change the views the world holds about Muslim women. Here are a couple of pictures of the night.


  1. salam...
    wohooo so sad i'll ready back to Jakarta... hopely i can join your lunch with my besties dian pelangi

  2. hmm its look delicious :)

  3. Masyallah good on u guys for pulling it together! Bout time u melbournians got a hijabi outing! The restaurant looks amazing! Must try it out when I visit Melbourne!

  4. hope you guys had a blast!!
    i know i did from looking at the pictures!! hehehe

  5. Loving these pictures. All lovely :)


  6. That`s so nice!
    Very lovely pictures.

    XO Arezu

  7. So happy to see another post from you.

    It does look like you ladies had tons of fun. Love the rahat lokum in the last picture. I am willing to bet it was a rose flavor "-)).


  8. Salam my dear! I loved your blog! Now I want to follow! Hugs. Sandra.

  9. Salam my dear! I loved your blog. Now I want to follow. Hugs. Sandra.

  10. Such beautiful pics! Im glad you got a chance to meet her sis! looks like it was a fun fun evening!



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