Laci Mariday ~ Wahat AlJalabiya Kaftan Dress

Monday, December 17, 2012

"There is nothing sweeter then a velvet texture"

I agree but a velvet texture in a subtle pink is the ultimate sweetness. Gorgeous pink velvet creates a cute cut off point for the bust which then balloons out into a princess cut at the skirt. Luxurious bronze is the focal point of the hem of the skirt as well as the cuffs which are beaded with tiny gold balls.
The crinkle cut is perfect for a woman who loves to look good everyday without having to put too much time and thought into her ensemble. This dress is practically a wash and wear style of clothing it is that easy to style.

The generous amount of fabric ensures complete coverage and also coolness on those hot summer days. Make sure you go and grab yourself this super sweet kaftan from Wahat Aljalabiya as it is currently on sale as they are having 25% off!

Silk hijab worn throughout is by Maysoon -


  1. So beautiful, I love it!

  2. Sooooo pretty!!! I've always wanted to order abayas or long dresses online but have always been weary of length and having to alter them :(

  3. it is lovely!!love the colours :)

  4. MAshaAllah this is so cute! I love pink!!!! :D



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