Wardh with Acacia Label

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wardh which is Arabic for Rose is of a fluid design and fabric from the proud Australian company Acacia Label . Made of silk charmeuse, this traditional style dress with matching silk pants underneath is simply divine and luxurious both to see and feel. 

Designed especially for me, Acacia could not have chosen a more appropriate colour or cut. The gorgeous soft rose tint from top to bottom shines and shimmers in the light. The silk pants are just brilliant both for comfort and modesty, not to mention absolute luxury.

The front of the dress is simple and elegant, adorned with a row of silver buttons covered in pink stones. These are purely for aesthetic value and do not unbutton.

The bottom of the dress is trimmed in a more fuchsia pink fabric to add interest and to distinguish between the dress and the pants.

The back of the dress is something entirely different. Adorning the mid back section is a beaded motif which is absolutely beautiful. It is not huge and gaudy but just the right size and positioning. 

The dress has enough room and volume to make walking a breeze and the silk pants underneath ensure you are totally covered at all times.

The sleeve design with the fuchsia pink trimming

The beautiful buttons. How gorgeous are they?

This dress will be available to purchase from their store and can also be purchased online. Click here to go to their online store.
Click here to visit their FB page.
Alternatively you can go to their online store by clicking their banner I placed on the sidebar here ----->


  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww Mash'allah! That is one of the most GORGEOUS things ever! I want a few for my all-girlsies parties!!! I am going over to the website now!
    Salams! Great Review.

  2. Such a beautiful outfit, down to the last detail!

  3. Mash'allah! beautiful dresses ....

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww MashaAllah :) I really loove that dress!

  5. Thanks guys! They really have the most amazing stuff and their prices are so cheap for such high quality! They are comparable to most high end clothing in terms of fabric and structure. If you go please mention you saw it here!

  6. Gorgeous mashallah.
    You know how much I love pink. Love it.
    Didn't think they would be so affortable after a recommendation to try them.
    Might have a look now.

  7. They are very affordable! You must give them a go :)

  8. Beautiful dress!!


  9. nisan kiyafetimi harika birsey malezyalilarin kiyafetleri gibi.


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