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Monday, November 26, 2012

Want a chic and unique abaya for a super affordable price? Need something awesome for a special occasion? Well have you heard of My Batua? If not then waste no more time and peruse their delectable collection of abaya's, accessories, and hijabs. They cater for both men and women with traditional clothing all cut in the most modest fashion.
The Ahalam Abaya shown here is in the size medium/large and fit absolutely perfectly. It is in a crepe material with the most delightful embroidery along the front waist section as well as down the front.

It is a cool type fabric that was not sticky to the body (pet peeeeeve!) It has just the right amount of volume so walking in this abaya is very easy and comfortable.

This abaya can also come with a matching hijab in a gorgeous black silky fabric. Absolutely gorgeous mashallah!

My Batua also sells a range of hijab accessories. Here is the metallic gold sequinned round brooch/pin. It has a pin and a clip attached to the back so that you can use it both ways!

Before I end this post, I just want to urge you all to not only check out their clothing line but please go and have a look at their bags. Honestly they are some of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen! Click this link to go directly to their bag section :(

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