Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I love a sunburnt country..  Australia is finally heading into the seasons that suit it best. Warm breezes and summery smells are floating through the air. That earns a big fat YAY from me as summer is my favourite season. Nighttime beach strolls and walking around in flip flops always put a smile on my dial :)

This burnt orange blouse dress was such an awesome buy, it features a button down from and pussy-bow tie at the neck. Its only down side is that if you are not careful, it can look like it was never touched by an iron pretty soon after wearing it.
I teamed the casual blouse with the maxi hijab sent to me via international gift swap from Muslimah in Reverie .
Ladies please stay tuned for a fabulous review of a Shehna Hussain abaya coming next and then another review of some delicious hijab gems by Sofia's Collection


  1. gorgeous colours! Very "creative" photos :)


  2. I really love the colours of the outfit, and the jewelery is so so awesome!

  3. You look gorgeous.
    I Holland fall just started.
    XO Arezu

  4. Awesome pictures...i love these dresses.thanks for sharing it.
    Australia Fashion Shop

  5. I love these colors and your chunky jewelry!


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