Barjis ~ A Press Release

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

So I have been emailed by a few companies to help spread the word about their business. I always feel happy to do so as it in turn helps YOU find some innovative and awesome websites. I will post this new segment by order of requests.

The first email I received was from Barjis Chohan (yes THE Barjis Chohan from the luxurious Barjis label). She sent me the latest press release of her label and so here it is for your viewing pleasure!

Phenomenal success for Barjis!
Barjis the high fashion London based label is only 2 seasons old yet it has captured an overwhelming global audience for its unique made to order pieces. The label has been praised by the likes of Kate Moss and has recently been featured in a BBC documentary soon to be aired on the Middle East Business Report. The luxury brand has an unprecedented following from Muslim and non Muslim woman around the world and received coverage in The Guardian, BBC, MSN, Azziya Magazine and many more.
The exquisite collection which comprises of eveningwear and abayas with hand crafted embroidery and quirky accessories are directly sold to the end consumer. Every piece is made to order to the required size but our aim is to offer affordable luxury to our clients. The USP of this ambitious label is textiles....It’s very easy to become subjective and start designing abayas that all the Muslim labels produce. However my passion for textiles and pushing myself to produce innovative ways of embellishing a dress is very exciting. Collaborating with talented British textile graduates coming from a western perspective brings a strong unique fusion of my British identity with my rich influences from my Pakistani culture, Said Barjis Chohan the founder and senior designer of Barjis.
Barjis plans to expand into the wholesale market in the coming future but is very selective in the choice of outlets to be stocking her range. We are not in a rush to secure outlets and are being very cautious to only approach outlets that fit our brand ethos. Currently we are happy selling exclusively to the consumer but would like to have some prestigious outlets in our books. We hope to have at least one physical stockist in UK, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE by our fourth season. Our online shop is a member’s only site. With membership you receive the latest collection and updates directly in your inbox! The clients range from around the world but predominantly Middle Eastern origin.
In October the label plans to hold a road show to UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia to sell directly to the end consumer. Upcoming press includes MBC, Dutch TV, Fabulous Magazine, Asian Woman, OK magazine Middle East and a BBC documentary.
You can view the latest collection online
Sales enquiries: Press enquiries RRP: £400-£2500

I seriously love her style of designing as it is elegant, non-fussy and QUALITY. No cheap fabric or dodgy workmanship.


  1. Salaam Aleykum. Just letting you know about Asfora Tunic Dress new fabric choices

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