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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Salams Ladies!

I have a gorgeous review of two maxi hijabs and hijab pins by Hijab House Shop. I was sent a beige plain maxi hijab in a light weight fabric and a teal blue lace maxi hijab also in a very light weight fabric and finally I was sent four cute as a button hijab pins with jewelled heads. These hijabs are very maxi which ensured total coverage of back, front and literally everywhere! You can create any hijab style you like with these beauties as there is enough fabric for any look. I decided to try two different styles, one being the voluminous hijab look with the beige plain hijab and then a more draped flowy elegant style with the lace teal hijab.
Their prices are extremely low and they have such a huge variety of hijabs and accessories I am sure you will feel spoilt for choice.
The volumized hijab look

The beauty of this hijab is that it goes with absolutely EVERYTHING!

The gorgeous hijab pins

These hijabs are absolutely perfect for summer as they breath and are so light weight.

The elegant draped hijab style

How stunning is the lace?

Go and check out Hijab House Shop's FB page to grab an absolute bargain! Here are some of my other favourites from their store -


  1. wow, the hijabs are so gorgeous.
    And btw, your blog is really inspiring for me.
    I'm new hijabi blogger, salams :)

  2. My favourite is the bobble scarf on the last picture ... but I just love bobble scarves. Too bad most of them are rather transparent, it looks like the one on the picture here is also pretty seethrough :(

  3. Those pins are really pretty. I love the last red bobble scarf.

  4. They are really stunning. They are sheer but because there is so much fabric, you double up it isnt see through anymore :)


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