Neva Style Hijab Review

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ok so first off I would like to mention that I purchased this hijab with my own money do so it was not sent to me for review but I thought I would so anyway.
The Neva Style hijabs are sold by a colleague and friend and as soon as I saw these hijabs I knew it would be something I would need to own. I have only worn it twice as I feel it is too pretty to wear day to day, but having said that I went out with my family today and needed a little pick me up in the form of pretty clothing.

The hijab itself is absolutely gorgeous. It is a dark grey/silver with black lace sewn onto the edges. It is a fairly thick hijab perfect for cool autumn/winter weather and sits perfectly around the face almost instantly. I did not have to fuss or rework the hijab at all, I simply lay it over my head and pinned it under my chin. Voila! It is so simple to wear and completely chic which are two qualities I love.
There are so many styles these hijabs can be worn but I favour the style I sported today as it not only covers the front but also covers your back. These hijabs also come in 100% silk and in a variety of colours. To check them out and purchase head over to this FB page 


  1. beautiful, i like the way your wear this scarf. Your bag is so cute :)

  2. Wow, mashallah, that is a gorgeous hijab!

  3. Thanks ladies! The bag is vintage and it is one of my fave's! xx mwah!

  4. I love this scarf! The black lace on is is beautiful and unique. :)

  5. Asalamu'alaykum. How to contact the FB page? Tried email, didn't work.

  6. Anon, AS, not sure if you can email them, just try to contact them via their wall? I can send a msg if you like so email me if you want and I will forward them directly :)

  7. The hijab is really really awesome! I love that black detail!

  8. Wot material is scarf and does it stay on the head

  9. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I absolutely looove your posts!
    Been a follower for over two years I think, maybe slightly more-I cnt remember exactly.
    (I was the one who nagged you like craaaazy to upload a hijab tutorial..hehehe &Thank you)

    **Anyhooo I wanted to ask if you could pleeaaase share how you wrap the hijab like the way you have in this post?
    Pretty please? I have tried but my hair always shows or it doesnt stay in place even with an underscrf on :o(

    In sha Allah you reply.. XX

  10. Salams Elegance! It's so nice to hear from such a long time fan!! Thank you for your fantastic support! Ok so it's very simple, it just looks confusing. Basically I made both sides the same length and pinned it under my chin. Then one side I pulled across my chest and pinned it at my shoulder. The other side I pulled around the other shoulder and all the way over my back and pinned the edge onto the same shoulder as the other pinned sided. Argh I sound confusing but this is the best I can explain it! So sorry I probably made it worse lol!

  11. Hahahaha You made me laugh..
    I will follow this and see how it goes in sha Allah..

    Jazzak Allahu kairen

  12. Woouuv mashallah, that is a gorgeous hijab! Thanks for post !


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