Lovely Web ~ Wahat Aljalabiya

Friday, September 7, 2012

"Lovely Web, The optical illusion feel of this kaftan is reminiscent of a spider’s web in the moonlight. The gathering effect in the front gives the wearer a slender silhouette. The various geometric shapes of the patterns throughout the kaftan are versatile and trendy. The black chiffon fabric holds the turquois and silver pattern nicely, and on the back is an even bigger rendition of the design. Stylish from head to toe!"  (Wahat Aljalabiya)

This gorgeous Lovely Web kaftan is luxury in every sense of the word. Its fine chiffon glides over the body and does not stick which creates an elegant shape. The web-like pattern is indeed an optical illusion to the eye, etching out sharp and defined grooves in the fabric. 
Because this kaftan is already so stunning, there is absolutely no need to style it at all. Simply throw on either a black or turquoise hijab and you are ready to attend any sophisticated function. It is slightly sheer but easily remedied this so long as you wear the satin slip underneath provided by Wahat Aljalabiya. 

A special thank you to my model for posing for these pictures. 


  1. Oh how beautiful.....I think I will be ordering one. Seyma, do you know if they sell it is different lengths?

  2. O wow it`s amazing!
    Didn`t see one like this before.

    XO Arezu

  3. Masyallah Seyma this is totally gorjuz on u!! Wowee I've been drooling over wahat aljalabiyyah abayas for ages.... Sigh.. So beautiful love this colours they suit masyallah!

  4. beautiful :) no i am not turkish bt i might as well be since i love the food,clothes,place and language.i even watch kuzey guney a(just started) and the musics fab!xxx

  5. I love the Wahat Aljalabiya abayat, I would not mind owning one and wearing it to something like a wedding or special, really special event as they look so special themselves!

  6. It is gorgeous isn't it? It is completely different to their usual styles I think. The fabric is very nice and fluid so it is not stiff or uncomfortable.
    Whbet: Im not sure but the lengths would change according to the size, this one is in a medium and is perfect for 165-170cm tall frame.
    Z: hehe you are cute! I don't even watch Kuzey Guney! :)
    Edibe they are!
    Ebs: you may BORROW it :P

  7. Beautiful :) I really love it!


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