Product Review ~ Modefa

Friday, July 20, 2012

The US company Modefa recently sent me a stunning silk hijab from the Aker spring 2012 collection for review.

I decided to wear it to my first iftaar yesterday with a basic long sleeve dress and a tasselled tan cardigan as it matched the tan shades swirling through the hijab. 

The hijab is called The Buket silk hijab in blue green and yellow. It is a gorgeous scarf which can be worn casually as it is subtle and classic. It has bursts of colour over it with flower like shapes. It is 100% silk so it is very easy to style and maintains its shape throughout the day.

Modefa has many styles of hijab ready in stock, such as the traditional Turkish silk square to the more modern silk shawl hijabs which are worn in a more casual manner. They also stock Turkish tulbents/oya hijabs which are cotton hijabs made for summer or home wear.
Here are a few pictures of some of the other silk hijabs they stock which I thought were simply stunning!

Head on over to their website HERE for super low prices (there is currently a sale with 30% off selected silk hijabs!)
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  1. It`s a beautiful autumn scarf!

    XO Arezu

  2. Thanks for post. Ordered 2 hijabs from Modefa :) The black + the red/orange versions.

  3. Another admirer of your handbag here! Do you mind sharing details about it? Who is the designer?

  4. they have such a stunning variety mashallah! My bag was a 'gift' from my sister (when I say gift I mean I borrowed it and never returned it LOL) and it doesn't have any names on it so im not sure where its from. sorryyyy :(

  5. gorgeous hijabs. but the reason why i never buy turkish style hijabs is that they're too small.

  6. very it so much <3


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