Product Review ~ Glam and Chic Chiffdie by Aninda Kawitani

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I am so excited to introduce the following hijabs to you as they are innovative and totally different to anything I have ever seen. Designer Aninda Kawitani sent me her inventive Chiffdie hijabs which require no pins or fuss. Its as easy as popping it on and off you go.
I was sent a Glam Chiffdie in a delicious turquoise and black print and a Chic Chiffdie in a pale pink as well as a plain black underscarf that encompasses the entire head and neck to ensure complete coverage.

The beauty of the Chiffdie is that is creates that elegant drape much sought after by hijabis but find hard to achieve. With the Chiffdie that drape is in built and ready to wear.
Aninda has also provided her customers with a comprehensive tutorial demonstrating the many different styles the Chiffdie can achieve. Perfect!

I decided to style the Glam Chiffdie in a different way so that the small knot is draped at the front. I liked the way it created the bow like effect.

I wore the Chic Chiffdie in the prescribed style and I must admit I absolutely loved the way it sat on my head and looked. It had just the right amount of drape so it really did look chic!
Another way I discovered was to actually pin under the chin to create the classic hijab look.

All of her hijabs are professionally made each tagged with her A/K brand.

Go and check out her stuff online at A/K Kawitani
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  1. very cool, what a neat idea!

  2. I really love it, so elegant.

    XO Arezu

  3. These scarves are beautiful, you are right, they are really innovative and different.

  4. they are toooo cool! I love them so much!!

  5. I like the pink and the light blue one the best. I think this kind of hijab would look best with an open blazer or a jacket!

  6. Esselamu alaikum Sister,

    Please, sister, no more product reviews!!! I want to hear from are so talented. I understand you might get excited and happy when you receive something for free but I personally could care less. I miss your talent on this blog such as your posts about what you wore, Australian Muslim community, ladies night. It makes me feel closer with my Muslim sisters from all over the world.

    Please, don't misunderstand me.

  7. Hello Hijab Revival, I was wondering if you knew any good, reliable sites for buying stretchy sleeves that can be worn with shirts that don't quite have a long enough sleeve. I've seen many sites that sell them, but if you knew any outstanding online shops, I would really appreciate if you could share them!


  8. Thanks everyone!
    Anon 1: I am so grateful for your honest opinion on this matter and to be 100% honest I agree with you! I feel as though I have choked this blog with reviews but the reason why I have done so is because I feel obliged to the companies to get their product airtime ASAP. But I have had a serious thought and decided to limit my reviews to one a fortnight inshallah. I feel blessed to have these items entrusted to me for honest reviews so a huge thanks to all my sponsors! Thankyou again sis for your comment and inshallah I will keep it in mind for sure! And definitely no hard feelings! Happy Ramadan!

  9. Anon 2: I'm not sure about sleeves but I do know a company that sells crop top type tops that are made for modesty. I have two of their tops in black and white and wear them regularly. The company is called Half Tee check them out

  10. I am so happy you did not misunderstand me about my lil' rant.

    You are such an inspiration to me;I visit your blog every day :-). Keep up the good work.

    Ramadan kareem to you too!


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