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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love to follow blogs with beautiful original photography combined with daily hadiths and Islamic quotes? Well so do I and I am proud to present the blog of a beautiful sister with whome I work with. Her blog Lights. Camera. Capture. is a combination of all things art and Islam. I absolutely love her inspirational attitude towards Islam and really enjoy her regular updates. So go on, take a look and follow this fantastic blog to feed your soul!
All of the following images were taken by Lights. Camera. Capture. and are 100% original photography.

Hijab Revival update: I am so sorry for being a slack person in regards to this blog. I havent been feeling all that great health wise so have been taking it easy :) Inshallah when I am feeling better I will start my regular updates again.


  1. Get well, InshaAllah! And thanks for sharing this lovely blog with us. Those are great pictures!

  2. Get well soon sister :) aminnn.

  3. thanks guys! It really is a nice blog so you must follow! :)


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