Work Wear ~ Faux Silk Vintage Dress

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I have come to realise you guys seem to like the work wear segments I have going on so I have made up my mind to take a picture before I leave for work in the mornings. I'm usually in such a rush that it is the last thing on my mind but luckily this morning I managed to get a few snaps in!
So this dress was an online purchase and I bought it believing it was silk. When it came I was so excited as it is long sleeved and below the knee. As soon as I felt the fabric I knew it was not silk but a polyester fabric. Needless to say I messaged the seller and all she managed to reply was 'oh sorry I thought it was silk'.. FAIL! I was completely peeved off but alhumdulillah looked onto the bright side and decided to hang it in my work wear closet. I wore it today and felt so comfortable! Loved it and believe it will become a regular work outfit. It also looks nice over a black pencil skirt so that is another combination I will try out in summer inshallah. 


  1. wow great, Love that style, so cute for go to office... thanks for Inspiring :)

  2. Great post really nice outfit!

  3. I really liked this look. I've always wanted to look at other peoples work wear so thanks for this! Dee xx

  4. Thanks guys! Inshallah I will be bringing you more! Xx

  5. Aww thats cute :))
    You do look really comfortable, I wish I could find such steals! :)

  6. Salam walaikum wrwb,

    Masha Allah, you have love clothing. You should blog about where you get your clothes from.

    Salam walaikum wrwb

  7. thanks fatima! and IELF Inshallah I will try to make a post about my fave spots to shop soon :)

  8. Love the outfit, you have a very good taste.
    You can take a look at our website; we have a very nice, stylish, modest clothing :)


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