Blog In Focus: Modestly Me

Friday, June 29, 2012

Salams all!
Here is another installation of Blog In Focus featuring the fabulous Aussie blog Modestly Me. Here is a brief synopsis taken direction from her 'About Me' tab:
"Hello friends welcome to modestly me, here you will find style inspiration, DIY tutorials, product reviews, recipes and possibly even my kitchen sink. I am a 24 year old mother of 3 and have been Muslim since 2003.I love sewing and creating, I have a passion for colour and food, I like to laugh, stay up late and make brownies at 4am."
This gorgeous blog is about everything and anything really. It features food, fashion, DIY, arts and crafts EVERYTHING all offset with true blue Aussie humour :) Click here to read one of my much loved blogs and show her some love by clicking the Follow button. Here are some abaya OOTD pictures taken from her blog.



  1. Thanks seyma your the best! Xoxox

  2. I like colorfull zigzag scraft .....

  3. In love with your blog the moment I saw your blog name! :) Lovely blog and Im following you via GFC and Bloglovin! hope you could check out my blog back and perhaps, if you like follow me :)

    xoxo, Alee

  4. love ur idea. awesome. Im following you. would be great if you can support me sister :)


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