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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yep I am back with my second Sal Design review. I am wearing the Kimono abaya in the colour red, though as you can see from the below picture it is actually more of a raspberry colour - simply gorgeous.
This abaya is made of a thick fabric but still has enough flexibility to ensure a nice flow. Its design is clearly Asian inspired (hence the name) with a obi style band around the waist and a cute criss-cross neckline. 
I love this abaya because you can get away with wearing something thin underneath it without feeling awkward. When I wore this gorgeous abaya, I felt so light and springy! The colour was a definite mood booster as I usually wear black so the change was lovely!

Cute sleeves or what?
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  1. I really like their designs. The one you've shown here is great, very nice color! The only thing stopping me is I really wish they were available in just slightly longer size!

  2. MashaAllah, that dress is really awesome, love it :)

  3. You're right: the color's great!!

  4. Love the color. Great for summer :)

  5. Yep ladies she makes wonderful abayas that look stylish and chic, go check her out and tell her HR sent you!


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