Product Review ~ Autumn with Haute Hijab

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I love Autumn for a variety of reasons. I love its cool fresh air that doesn't freeze your bones. I love its rainy days that invite hot chocolate and a good book. But most of all I love its beautiful fashion styles and their earthy tones. Warm velvety browns, burnt orange, pink, maroon and cream are all my favourite colours to wear during the cool Autumn days. When the CEO of Haute Hijab kindly asked me to choose a hijab from her fabulous range I instantly fell in love with this Fruit Cocktail wrap. With its gorgeous chocolate backdrop and hints of orange, yellow, pink and turquoise, you cannot help but imagine yourself sitting in a warm cafe sipping on a hot flat white and eating something sweet and delicious..

Made of a thin polyester with a slight satin sheen, this hijab was extremely easy to wear.

As you can see the hijab has a lovely drape 

My henna tattoo for a women's only hens night. 


  1. Awesome hijab mashallah. I'm not an autumn person but that hijab screams Autumn for sure.
    Lol at the henne I just got mine done by my sis after a little bit was left once she finished a customers.
    I'm about to blog on it and couldn't stop laughing when I saw yours. hahaha

  2. Salam. I lurveeee the hijab, being a fanatic of green, to begin with. And everything just looked so perfect, head to toe. The henna as well..
    xx, TPJ.

  3. looove this mashallah!miss you btw x

  4. :) maşallah çok tarz ve hoş (very beariful and sweet sureyya)

  5. Thanks ladies!! Looool samsam!! yours is soooooo much better!! but in my defense i had to almost bend completely in half to do this on my foot. mines gone now as it was a crappy henna pen :S
    Style blogger i misss you toooo!!
    thanks yeliz!!

  6. I absolutely love the hijab it is truly stunning! I love reading your reviews, keep it up!

  7. The way you combined the brown with the brightness of the scarf is really brilliant and chic. I love your sense of style :)

  8. the tattoo is gorgeous :D


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