Benevolence My Dress, My Image, My Choice 10 Year Finale

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last night I attended the women's only event - Benevolence Australia My Dress, My Image, My Choice finale at the beautiful Regal Ballroom. What a beautiful night bringing together Muslim and non-Muslim women in open dialogue. There is so much negativity attached to Muslim women that events like this will not only educate people but also create mutual affection. It was so lovely meeting women who wanted to learn about Islamic culture in relation to women. The event organiser Sarah said something that was so simple and succinct it epitomized my feelings of late. I cant remember it word for word but essentially she said that the focus should no longer be on our hijabs but what we can do which is why this event was the finale after 10 years. I am so over people, the media, MUSLIMS talking about hijab! It is not the be all end all of our deen. We really need to shift our focus to something that is more relevant such as our accomplishments and our real needs. Here are a few photographs (when I say a few I mean a million) of the event. 

Here is the wonderful Sarah (on the right in black) - event organiser who's hijab was designed by Zulfiye Tufa. How beautiful does it look?

Fashion parade shots-

Yes this is the Wahat Al-Jalabiya "The Beauty In Red" Jalabiya I wore here

Gold accessories - chunky gold plate necklace

I love this 'Y' clutch :P

My stylish sister from Sorayya looking gorgeous in her 80's inspired camel coat. I want it! Maybe I should 'borrow' it..

Sonia - The stylish woman I stalked at the event to snap her picture!She was so lovely about it but I forgot to give her my blog address! I had left the event before I remembered :(


  1. Wow, what a swanky event! The pictures are fabulous, wish I could see in more detail though =) xoxo

  2. I love your drape jacket. So beautiful.

  3. I feel like watching "Hijab red carpet"

  4. Your pics came out so much better then mine! Loved your outfit as usual you always look good, your next challenge: wear a potato sack and look hot in it!

  5. You should start a street style blog! I always love your photos!

  6. Thank you ladies!! Haute Muslimah it is something that I have always wanted to do but I am too shy to ask people for their sometimes :)

  7. I love these type of events. We want to have some HERE in the US. It would be great for dawah or mutual understanding amongst people of faith.

    Your pictures are always breath taking.

    May Allah(swt) continue to reward your efforts...iA

  8. Such lovely pictures, from such a wonderful-sounding event. I've been quite involved in interfaith work, and finding Muslims who are interested in participating is a real challenge- I'm very excited to see some women's interfaith work happening involving the Muslim community.


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