Winter Jalabiya ~ Silver and Velvet Delight

Sunday, April 22, 2012

When I first saw this Winter Jalabiya online at Wahat Al Jalabiya, I thought it would be perfect for work wear - but boy was I wrong. As it slid out of the bag, sparkling in the sunshine with its silver beads and luxurious black velvet I knew instantly it was perfect for a more special occasion. Its neckline was embellished and cut in a style that seems slightly Egyptian inspired. Made of 100% cotton it is thick enough to keep you warm in winter but also allows you to breathe. 

I decided to give my Winter Cotton Jalabiya a spin today, teaming it with a more casual pashmina hijab which I wrapped around my head in the usual style but this time I tucked in the left side into the neckline of the jalabiya and left the longer side to dangle and sway in the wind.

What I really love about the jalabiyas from Wahat Al Jalabiya is that their cuts are very generous and so are the lengths. They ensure there is enough fabric for taller larger women - so if you do purchase from them and you are a tall chicka then you will not be disappointed!

You do not have to wear a black hijab with this jalabiya. As it is black and grey/silver, you can literally wear any colour. I thing a gorgeous red or maroon hijab with go with this jalabiya just beautifully.


  1. I have heaps from Wahat AlJalabiya and you are so right about the length - they are always plenty long enough for me (something I tend to have a problem with regarding most stores).

    Looks great on you.

  2. What a gorgeous abaya!! I'm heading over to Wahat Al Jalabiya right now...

  3. looks beautiful on you mA! :)

  4. Even my picky toosh would wear this.

  5. I like jalabiya it's so awesome!

  6. i love this. absolutely love this style :P


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