International Swap With Muslimah in Reverie

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Salams My lovelies,

I am so excited to finally post this as I have been waiting for 2 weeks to do so! About a month (or two) ago I was emailed by the ethereal and gorgeous blogger from Muslimah in Reverie. She wanted to know if I was interested in doing an international gift swap ~ so basically she will send me stuff from the UK and I will send her stuff from here in Australia and all with a price limit. We both blew it with the price limit (as per usual for women hehe) but at least we each got quality goods that are unique to our respective countries. I took longer then usual as it was so hard finding things that they don't already have in the UK due to globalisation and all..
I managed to buy some really cute stuff that were all designed in Australia. Also bear in mind that they also had to suit her taste and style. I really wanted to send stuff that I thought she would like as she has the sweetest taste in clothing and hijabs I wanted to do her credit!
When I received her GIGANTIC box I was at work, and so to see the gift was absolutely lovely and made my day!
I rushed home to open it and these are the things that were waiting for my eager hands :)

A too-sweet letter peeped out first <3

Two gorgeous maxi hijabs. The purple resembles a dress I wore in a previous post :)

Stunning necklace

O.K she knows I love make-up and the colours she chose were right up my alley!

Yummm! We have Aero here in Oz but I had never tried Galaxy before. It was delish!

This is my favourite gift! I have been using it everyday and I am seeing the results!


Haven't tried this yet but cant wait!

This was a really good read! 

I cannot tell you how yummy this smells and leaves my skin silky smooth! 

This is actually hand made by Muslimah in Reverie herself. I cant wait to wear it and if you would like one for yourself head on over to her FB page to purchase one today!!

All of my goodies together :)
O.K so all of the chocolates and edibles are gone.. I have used all of the beauty products and if I could eat the rest I would have hehe. I have worn the hijabs and fell in love! The only thing I am waiting to wear at the right occasion is the hand made hijab pin she sent me and when I do I will surely write a review post up about it :)
Head on over to her post about the gifts I sent her. You can see it here.

Thank you so much MIR (I don't know if she wants me to post her name up!) I loved everything!!


  1. Ahh yayy, so glad you liked the stuff :) . Was so much fun doing this! My post on your swap is up heree:

    Much much love and manyyy duas xxx

  2. great stuff ohhh barry M love them :)

  3. great idea, the hijabs are beautiful and i like the necklace you sent.

  4. This looks like so much fun!

  5. What a great idea! :)

    Hepsini iyi günlerde kullan ^^

  6. What a good idea! It is very pleasant to recieve such a gift from you sister made with huge love and care! (Sorry for my poor English)...

  7. thanx ladies! it was such a good experience!!


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