Egg Skirt

Friday, April 20, 2012

I love this egg shaped maxi skirt in its delicious emerald green tones. 
Teamed with a pair of black leather flats it is perfect for daily wear

Here I am wearing the same outfit but with heels and a blazer for a more professional look

Wore my emerald gem bracelet to match the skirt


  1. the food on your blog makes my hungry, feel free to view knowledge over at my blog

  2. I love the skirt! Where is it from?

  3. The texture of your hijab seems so luxurious.

  4. I really like this! The skirt and jacket combo is perfect :)

    Salam x

  5. Maryam the skirt was from Asos :)
    EVA: it is. Currently my fave hijab of the moment (if you want one I can go have a look for you - you can probably Eva'fy it :)
    Everyone else thank you!!

  6. Assalamualaikum sister.....I would love to have a hijab like yours,really love the pattern...maybe you can gave me the the way in centimeter x centimeter can you measure your hijab? Can you teach me how do you wear your hijab? (Iam dying to know sis...) :) Jazakallah Khair

  7. I love the skirt. have you seen the cute green skirt at ?
    I love your blog sis. Lots of love.

  8. Simple but looks so elegant, dear :)
    I wonder how you make that kind of hijab ^^

  9. Assalam aleikum,

    Oh i hope this comment will not puff up your ego hehe , but you look stunning. I looove your skirt.. I like your blog in general :)

  10. salamo alikom!
    I love your style masha Allah you are elegant yet very modest. I want to know how you rap your hijab, you have full chest coverage even with the long rectangle ones how?!

  11. I loooove your style sister!! ;)


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