DIY ~ Silk Hijab

Friday, April 13, 2012

I was perusing one of my favourite fabric stores here in Melbourne when I came across a simply divine silk fabric that was just staring at me and telling me to BUY it. So I did. Two metres to be exact..
I went home and thought about what I can do with it that and then an idea hit me to turn it into a shawl hijab. I love silk hijabs as a) they breathe in the hot Australian summers and b) they feel gorgeous on and have just the right amount of flow.
Here is a step-by-step guide to how I made it just for your viewing pleasure! I also added a little accessory to the end of one of the edges using little charms I have in my craft box.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have actually made two hijabs (hey I HAND sewed the edges as it is silk and needs a delicate touch so it took me quite a bit of time) and I thought I would sell the second hijab with sewn on accessory to raise more money for the Syria Fund.
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If you are interested in purchasing the hijab as a form of charity please email me at and give me a price you would like to donate. I will pay for the postage myself so long as someone buys it and deposits the money into the Amara account (I will give further details to those who are interested and email me)

Anywho here is how I wore it to a ladies brunch at a friends house. I decided to flick one end over my shoulder and leave one dangling at the front. The fact that it is two metres means that you can wrap it in a multitude of designs. It is also thin enough so that it doesn't look boofy or feel like you have 10 layers on.

So if you want to buy this hijab please email me! Not only will you have an awesome one of a kind hand made silk hijab but you will also be giving Sadaqah!! Yay!

P.s I will also be posting pictures of something else I have made. It is an accessory/piece of clothing that is completely unique. That will also be for sale with 100% of the money made going to Syria inshallah!! Stay tuned!!


  1. adding the charm on the end is such a clever idea! great end result mashaAllah :)

  2. love it!! it's def a statement piece! Love your shirt too!

  3. I love your modesty Seyma..hats off..:))

  4. very cute ! you are beautiful

  5. thank you ladies! The hijab sold for $50 which will 100% go to charity alhumdulillah!!


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