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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Attended an Amara meeting (you can find Amara here on FB) where we discussed some of the finer details about the major fundraising event which will be held on the 28th of April. There is still so much to do and so little time! As you can see I still have the donations widget here ----------> and it is stuck at $40! Come on guys! Is a $1 donation even too much for you?? How can we put a price on the mothers, fathers and children of Syria who desperately need our help??
Anyway, I have made something (all by hand and my own design) which I will be showcasing very soon. It will be for sale with the money going towards the fund. It is pretty cool and I will be posting pictures of how to style it if you are interested within the next couple of days inshallah. I pray that the next time I open up my blog I see some increase in donations INSHALLAH!

Here is what I wore to the committee meeting. It was at a friends house so I thought I would shnazzy up a little. Heck why not hey? :)


  1. your skirt looks amazing !!



  2. I really wish I could donate! But the service requires you to go through PayPal, & every time I've tried linking my bank account to Paypal it fails =[ I don't know why!

  3. I love the scarf and your bag, just beautiful. I wish I could donate but I don't have a credit card. I think I'm the last one.

  4. I like the print of the dress! so awesome!

  5. that jijab is lovely!and i know 4o dllars it has been for ages.I accidently took it down because i thought it was past 28th april but its past 28th march (silly me)!lol so do you have the link i can put the widget back up a agin?x

  6. gorgeous! wish you took a few more detailed pics for us!! xx

  7. Pretty outfit, i like the colors.

  8. thanks everyone!!
    Style blogger you can copy the link from the widget directly :D


  9. love your style ! !!! perfect


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