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Friday, March 23, 2012

Salams and Hello!

Take a look at the box below..
Look at the beautiful gift wrapping..
Look at the detail..
Isn't it gorgeous? Well this is what I received whilst at work last week. I was having a horrid day, I had a headache and was feeling really down when all of a sudden this colourful, cheerful and expertly wrapped gift was presented to me. I cannot tell you how happy it made me but I was momentarily stumped as to why it was mine. It wasn't my birthday or anniversary so who could it be from?

 I took a sneak peek inside and saw two gorgeous silk hijabs nestled inside some sparkly tissue paper along with a velvet pouch. Needless to say I was eager to see more but wanted to wait until I got home so that I could open it in private.
When I finally did rip gently open the package I saw two gorgeous silky and fluid hijab's that just screamed WEAR ME! One hijab in a grey tone with hot pink accents which you can find here and another in a green tone with cute butterflies all over it which you can fine here.

After ooohh' ing and aaahhh'ing over the hijabs I opened the little velvet pouch to find the cutest hijab pin comprised of charcoal coloured pearls. So dainty and sweet!

Honestly these hijabs from Islamically Designed Store  are so stunning and classy. They flow around your face wonderfully and feel really comfortable to wear all day (I wore the green hijab to work the next day and it stayed put brilliantly all day)

Both hijabs are 100% silk which means plenty of airflow and all day comfort.

Make sure you go and visit Islamically Designed Store for some quality buys and honestly the cheapest prices I have seen in a long time! And for all my lucky HR followers enter the code 'REVIVAL' on your next purchase and get 10% off! Wooohoooo!!
Also, make sure you visit and like their FB page here

Stay tuned for future posts featuring the grey silk hijab and pearl hijab pin! Make sure you go and buy up some stunners and make sure you say Hijab Revival sent you!


  1. that looks amazing on you!
    i got excited reading this post lol
    hrmmm this doesn't sound right...

  2. wow super cute.the packaging is lvoely and the scarf suits you really well ;) oh i just wanted to say you can put my icon back next to my blog name if you like.I realised that the picture of the girl was just there before because it was on my latest blog post at that time xxxx loving your blog

  3. Such a good taste, looks fit on you ..... How do you wrap your hijab? If it is ok that I ask you.....

  4. ooh sis that looks really nice. I love the pin. I am going to be contacting you soon inshallah to do a product review for my up can coming store :)

  5. wow they wrapped it so beautiful!
    even the pictures make me happy.
    Beautiful scarfs too!

    XO Arezu

  6. It's a very nice collection... Please take a look at our website for a good collection of Al-Amira Hijabs :)

  7. Hi everyone! Thankyou for your gorgeous words! Haiina you crazy girl :P
    Style blogger im not sure what you mean?
    wosiau: i am planning on making a tutorial soon inshallah
    umm sultana: woohoo cant wait!
    thankyou everyone else mwahhh!!


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