Werribee Mansion

Monday, April 20, 2015

I thought I would break up the monotonous features with a HR adventure post/mini featurette (not really adventure rather a 'day out' sort of thing. Though adventure sounds so much better)

Recently my family and I head out to Werribee mansion, a gorgeous historic home that also includes an adjoining zoo. It truly is a spectacular place with each room set up and styled in the era it was built. 
The day was predicted to be beautiful and sunny so I thought I would test drive a new hijab that was sent to me from Neva Style Australia (click to go straight to their Instagram page)
The neutral toned hijab is made of thin fabric that is perfect for spring/summer but can definitely be worn in winter too. 

Paired here with my absolute FAVE floral pencil skirt and a thin merino wool cape I think the hijab really pulled the whole look together. 

So let's take a look at some of the pictures I snapped that day and I hope you enjoy! 

One from the top of the Neva Style hijab.

Here is the overall look I described above. I styled my hijab in the simplest of styles by pinning under my chin and then wrapping the long end around my head and letting it dangle at my back. 

Close up of the hijab and my orange fingers. Haha please excuse my flamin fingers. They were freshly henna dyed so the colour hadn't developed and deepened yet. 

How cool is the cafe built under the mansion library? 

Kamilia Shop Melbourne - Vintage Polka

Saturday, April 4, 2015

There is something so feminine and perfect about a 1950's style skirt. It's silhouette and structure is lovely on the female form and looks good on all body shapes. Add to that a gorgeous luxurious shade, scatter a few polka dots and you pretty much have the perfect skirt.

This Kamilia polka maxi skirt is epitome of a 50's classic. White polka dots are set upon a background of royal blue to add that extra pop and it's volume is created by pleating a vast quantity of fabric tucked neatly into a wide waist band. 

This skirt can be worn either with a cute sweater tucked in (or out) or a crisp white or denim shirt to add a casual feel to its extravagant look. Whichever way you decide to style this beauty, it will surely pull together in the most elegant way. 

I decided to pair the blue skirt with a thick grey knit cotton sweater that I tucked in (but I also included a picture of the sweater left out). To add some more colour I styled my favourite Turkish silk shawl in a very simple way, the short end to cover the chest area and the long side wrapped around my neck (the wind and I had some issues getting along that day so my hijab was literally all over the place!) 

This is how the skirt looks with a sweater left out rather then tucked in. I think it still looks cute and a bit more casual in this style.

I kept accessories to a minimum with a gold cuff, and a lovely little white leather sling bag.

Check out Kamilia via InstagramFB and their very own website to purchase your very own version of this skirt! While you are there check out their other lovely designs and unique ensembles. Super chic and super affordable!

Neva Style Australia

Friday, March 20, 2015

The thing I love most about basic pieces of clothing is that I can change the way it looks with just a few different accessories. Classic cuts and neutral tones are a heaven sent for women on the go.

Whether you are a working woman or a mum with less then 5 minutes to get ready this Neva Style piece will soon become your favourite. Crease proof, long, loose and in the trendy shade of grey - a knit that will take you through autumn and winter.

Neva Style is an Australian based company that sources its high fashion modest clothing from Istanbul Turkey which everyone knows is the fashion capital for Muslim women (not being biased or anything here hehe)

This dress is extremely stretchy and comfortable. I have styled it here with heels but it looks so cute paired with flats.

I treat grey the same as I would black so I thought I would throw in a few different shades of pink to bring this post to life. I think these two colours look so lovely together and compliment each other well.

Make sure you go follow Neva Style Australia via its Instagram page. They have a huge variety of gorgeous clothing and hijabs!

POPLOOK - The Reenie Skirt

Sunday, March 15, 2015

I love old school glamour. I love the way women would take pride in their appearance by spending time and effort to present a more refined version of who they are.
Whenever I have a special occasion I always try to make sure to carefully think out an outfit that will resonate well with the event. 

I was recently invited to a gala dinner held by the Islamic Museum of Australia here in Melbourne. This momentous occasion called for a special sort of outfit. As it was held in a historic ballroom I thought a 1940's style outfit would be fitting so when I saw the Reenie skirt on the POPLOOK website I was smitten. It's classic cut and fabric just screamed glamour and I knew it would be perfect for the night. Made of a thick sateen fabric, it has large pleats all around to create volume and is done up with a zip. It's length was just perfect on me, not too long to look ridiculous but just short enough to see a bit of my shoes. I paired the skirt with a very fine merino wool sweater, a shell pink satin shawl, black peeptoe heels and my favourite accessory of the night a vintage black beaded clutch (which looks like it may be from the 50's). Inshallah you enjoy this post and make sure to go check out the POPLOOK website. All the links aredown below at the end of this post!

This hijab style is my go-to for special occasions. I am not a fan of overly processed hijab looks, pleats and puffs are really not my thing so a simple style using a gorgeous fabric is really all I need to feel glamorous!

Ugghh I can't tell you how much I love this clutch! And I found it in perfect condition!

If you have a special event coming up, a wedding or like me a gala dinner this skirt is honestly perfect.

The large pleats leave a gorgeous voluminous effect around the skirt.

I love how the setting sun created the lovely light effects in these pictures! Subhanallah!

You can view the Reenie skirt here, or go and enjoy a browse through of the POPLOOK website here. Take a snack with you as they have HUNDREDS of Muslimah appropriate things to look at..

DressCode Collection - Women's Modest Fashion

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

If you are a trench collector like me then you are going to love what I am about to show you.
I was invited to feature some quality items from a local Melbourne business called Dresscode Collection which is a relatively new store that specialises in modest fashion for both hijabi and non hijabi women. I met with the lovely owner of this business who said even though they are still small she will definitely be bringing in more designs. 

I chose a few things from Dresscode Collection, two of which are featured in this post. 
The first thing I want to talk about is the lovely bright yellowy-mustard maxi hijab. It is a standard viscose scarf that can be folded in half and worn like a regular rectangle hijab or you can wear it as it is, very large and flowy. 
I styled it two ways here, wrapped around my neck in a casual everyday look and then in the "circle scarf" style which I wrap around my head to create volume and the "circle" look. 

The second Dresscode Collection item I want to feature is this classic cool toned trench coat. Made of a lightweight fabric so it is perfect for those days you just need that light coverage. 
I have to say that I absolutely love this trench coat and the way it was made. It almost has a suede feel to the touch which adds a different kind of texture to your outfit. 

As you can see I have styled both the hijab and trench two different ways for you. One relaxed look and one more dressy -going to a nice dinner- look.

Inshallah you enjoy this post and get ready for some more future looks featuring Dresscode Collection! 

Make sure you check out their Instagram and their website to purchase any of the items I featured here! Support your local small businesses!