Trawling Collingwood

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Thought I would write a quick blog post featuring an outfit I put together to explore Melbourne's suburb Collingwood. I grew up in a neighbouring inner city suburb so these old and sometimes seedy alleyways have always held a special place in my heart.
Hijab: @lime_modestwear
Split maxi dress: @divinity_collection
Maxi Cardigan: @notrcollection
White jeans:

D'amour Atelier

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Salams all, 
Heres a more pictures then words post featuring my usual daily style. I have been really enjoying skirts recently and have been wearing them more over pants. This particular pencil skirt is from D'amour Atelier  (click here to see my previous post about them) and is made in Turkey of superior quality knit stretch. I adore the colour so much as it can be worn as a neutral in replacement of the usual nudes or blacks.
Head on over to my instagram (@hijabrevivalofficial) to see where the whole outfit is from.

You can also follow D'amour Atelier via facebook by clicking here.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel - Skincare that works!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

As I age I have noticed my skin feeling dull and lifeless more often than not. I know it is taking my body longer to recover and resurface as these are the typical signs of aging however I know I am still young enough to try and remedy the problem. 
So I did a bit of online research to try and see if there were any natural remedies for DIY peels and thankfully I found a few options (which I will share with you in another blog post) 
These home remedies worked a treat and were mild enough to use every second day. However I wanted something a bit stronger. Something I could use as a skin rescue for when I am having more then usual problems. 
Insert Dr. Dennis Gross extra strong alpha beta peel. This was recommended to me and received a lot of glowing reviews online. Each box comes with 5 sachets containing 2 wet pads. One pad is used as the active ingredient which chemically peels your skin and the other pad neutralises it. 

This product is strong enough to smooth and resurface my skin but gentle enough without leaving it scaly or peeling.  I literally saw an instant difference especially on pimple redness that usually takes me an age to recover from. After rubbing the formula into my skin I noticed the texture change as well as visible reductions in pore size and discolouration. The day after I realised my pimples were smaller in size or completely gone. 

"This at-home peel is the first product I developed and is my daily must-have. It literally addresses every skincare concern from acne to rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, pores, radiance and tone, and produces an over-all glow in 2 minutes."
- Dr Dennis Gross

These pads are made to use daily however I prefer to use them as I need them, and in between treatments I use my simple home remedies.
I have honestly never come across a product that has wowed me this much. I will be definitely repurchasing once I run out.

 I purchased mine from Mecca Cosmetica in Australia but you can also purchase it from Sephora or online.

Minimalist Eid with Divinity Collection

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Salam Everyone!
I cant believe I am writing this on the second last night of Ramadan. This month has just flown by and it kind of saddens me to think we haveto wait another year before we get to feel its gentle warmth again.
So here is my final Eid inspo post for this month. I have teamed up with @divinity_collection to create this minimalist with a pop of colour look. I adore the way this turned out. If anyone knows me then they know i always need a hint of colour in my life which is why i added this beautiful shawl over the monochromatic ensemble.
Read until the end of this post for links to this outfit. Xx


You can shop this look over at Divinity Collection  or check out their instagram @divinity_collection

Classic Eid with D'amour Atelier

Sunday, June 26, 2016

I recently teamed up with @damour_atelier to introduce to you the latest looks from Turkey. D'mour Atelier is a young business owned by a young business woman and she brings items that are worn by Istanbuls chic citizens and bloggers alike.

When I tried this multi coloured textured maxi dress on I thought how perfect it would be for a classic Eid look. It is the epitome of Turkish taste. Colourful, well made and memorable.

I decided to keep the whole look streamlined with nude accessories so as to not detract from the dress.
I love how the vertical stripes help to slim your silhouette so this is a very forgiving outfit.