Insta-update on @hijabrevivalofficial

Friday, June 26, 2015

Salam, just a quick post and another insta-update where I share my latest and fave looks from Instagram. I know not all of you have an Instagram account so this is for you. If you do have Instagram then follow me @hijabrevivalofficial 
Meanwhile in blog news I have a few Eid posts coming up where I try to give you some ideas as to what you can wear. I also have some features/reviews so stay tuned!

Grey Drapes

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I have been on a short hiatus pre Ramadan for a teeny tiny "me-time" break. I like to give myself some time to wrap my head around the coming holy month and to mentally prepare for the month long event. Alhumdulillah I have been blessed with the opportunity to experience the spiritual journey one more year. 
But now that there is literally one day separating me from Ramadan I thought I would dive right back into blogging. I have been experimenting with different styles and looks to suit my years. I was discussing the issue of dressing for ones age with my sister and we both agreed that it is important to really take it into consideration when buying clothing. Having said that I also think that you are only as old as you feel and so if you feel better and more comfortable in more youthful clothing then I think that will help you pull it off. 

So as I was saying I have been experimenting a bit and so I thought I would make myself a flowy shawl/poncho type garment using excellent fabric. I found this gorgeous wool blend material that is thin but because if it's natural fibres keeps me so warm it is crazy. I kept the edges raw to give it a funky edge.
I also bought a black wool blend as well as charcoal grey so I am in the process of turning them into a shawl so I can wear them over clothes that are too fitted to wear alone. I simply throw the shawl over my shoulders and I am ready to go. I can't believe I never thought of making these earlier. 

Âme Adornment - Silk Polka Dots

Monday, May 25, 2015

There are a few classics that never really go out of fashion. Red lipstick, sleek black pumps, winged liner and of course the quintessentially classic navy and white polka dots.
There is something so clean and gorgeous about the combination of white and navy that it instantly adds a touch of class to your outfit. 

I was sent this beautiful silk shawl hijab from Âme Adornement and was blown away by its quality. It is the perfect length/width and sits very well around the face as the fabric is spot on and it's edges are sewn well. The hijab is silk though not a flimsy sort of silk rather more like a sturdy chiffon. To be honest I thought I would have to iron the hijab as it travelled to me wrapped in a clear plastic gift bag and a small box but surprisingly I literally pulled it out and popped it on! 

Here I have styled it with a black peg leg jumpsuit, black long-line knit with side splits, black leather boots, black faux fur clutch, black and gold cuff and of course the beautiful Âme hijab. 

Handy hint: To avoid too much ankle exposed wear either black or thick neutral stockings (which I have worn here) they are actually a tan colour but came out as more of a skin tone in the pictures. 

I love how the hijab drapes! I styled it so simply and in a style so the chest are is covered. As you can see there is plenty of fabric to achieve the modesty you want. 

Hijab drapes are just so elegant in my opinion. I love the way it's soft silhouette moves with your movements. 

Each Âme hijab comes with its own label sewn onto it. 

If you haven't already seen my last Âme post then click HERE to read it now. 

Go check out Âme via their FBInstagram and website now to purchase some stunning hijabs for this Ramadan and Eid. 

Look like a Queen with Reesh

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You know you have something special when you slip on a dress and you instantly feel like a queen. All of a sudden you walk a little differently, your back is straighter, your head held a little higher. You feel regal and beautiful and everything in between.

As soon as I pulled out this beautiful black gown from its packaging I was stunned at how heavy the bead work was and knew then it was going to look fabulous. Established in 2013 Reesh is an Australian company with ready to ship kaftans, abayas, bags and hijabs. They are also one of those rare companies that offers FREE international shipping! How awesome is that? Without further ado let's take a look at the beautiful artwork that is the Reesh Gold Embellished Black Gown

Made of a sheer chiffon fabric, this kaftan is fully lined except for the sleeves so I simply wore a black fitted body top underneath to cover my arms. 
The beadwork on this dress is simply stunning. Beads of many different sizes and shapes are densely sewn together to create almost a neckpiece which is the knockout feature of this kaftan. 

Just take a look at how detailed the collar of this dress is. You can see how much work and time has gone into it. Amazing. 

I love the way the gown is so light to wear. All the weight is at the shoulders whereas the rest of the rest of the dress is flowy and free falling. It sways so elegantly as you walk and ads to the drama. 

Because the detailing on this gown is so intense and intricate I think a hijab in any colour other then black would look to overpowering and just too much which is why I wore this simple black hijab and styled it so the neckline is in full view. 

Can't you just see yourself wearing this to your next special occasion? Don't forget Reesh offers FREE international shipping so get in quick! 

Make sure you go check out Reesh for your next special occasion needs. Eid is coming up so why not treat yourself to a gorgeous outfit and with free shipping you cannot go wrong. Also check out their FB page for regular updates. 

Dress Code Collection - Basic Comfort

Thursday, April 30, 2015

This is my second collaboration with Dress Code Collection, a local Melbourne based fashion store that specialises in modest basics (see my other post featuring Dress Code collection here)

I knew I would really utilise this jersey high-low top from the moment I saw it on their website. It has the makings of a fabulous basic, neutral shade - check, soft stretch jersey - check, modest length - check. It is just perfect. 

I thought I would try to style this dress top in two very different ways, one a more classic mature style and the other a with more boho comfy weekend vibe. 

The first look is my take on a modern classic style. I paired the high-low top with a black tube skirt, black pumps, neutral hijab and a Burberry inspired check scarf. I find I really love to add a patterned scarf to an otherwise plain outfit to really add some interest to the overall look. By gently draping the scarf over your shoulder it cements it's mature classic style. 

This second look is my casual boho weekend look. I love how comfortable this look is with the wide palazzo print pants and oversized leather bag. It is so perfect for those gorgeous spring days!

If you like what you see then hop on over to the Dresscode collection Instagram page by clicking here and make sure you follow them! If you are a Melbournian then simply DM them for store address or you can also simply order online via their website!