Abaya Central - Classically Purple

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Salams Everyone,
Inshallah you have all been super duper! 
I love a classic abaya, but my favourite design would be oversized and umbrella cut. These two combined  give the elegant silhouette that I feel suits me most. 
Here I am wearing Abaya Central's   abaya called Classically Purple which is both oversized and cut in the umbrella style. It features straight clean lines, high collar for maximum neck coverage, loose sleeves and an attached tie belt at the back. It's block colour is simply gorgeous and resembles a beautiful eggplant purple but with a slightly warm undertone. I teamed this beauty of an abaya with an Abaya Central shawl hijab which has a touch of the same tone within its print so it welded together gorgeously. This hijab is very lightweight which means very easy to wear and perfect for the upcoming Australian summer.
Abaya Central is currently having a sale (up to 40% off) so hurry and save!

I have styled the abaya two ways, one with the belt loosely tied at the back and the other with the belt tied all the way around my waist for added definition. 

Added some sparkly jewels to the otherwise plain neckline. This is why I love plain abayas, as you can add little hints of detail to spice it up.
Hand tattoo from Wander Nomad 

As you can see here I loosely tied the attached belt at the back to maintain the umbrella shape of he abaya.

Here I have tied the belt all the way around my waist to transform the abaya into more of a maxi dress. It is amazing how a simple alteration to the way you wear the abaya can change its entire look!

I pulled out a bit of the abaya over the belt to make the top half look more "poofy" and voluminous if you get my drift. 

Make sure you go follow Abaya central via InstagramFB, and go and check out their website (I just had a quick peek and saw they have a new collection out involving polka dots and gorgeous overlays of chiffon OMG!)  

Crystal Dream by Daiva

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Have you ever had that one devastating moment when you get home after a perfect night and begin de-pinning your hijab only to realise you have a snagged pin in your absolute favourite hijab? No matter how much you manipulated the pin it simply won't get loose and the tear just gets bigger and bigger.
Fret no more, I have a fabulous solution for you that involves some very strong magnets and beautiful hand set Swarovski crystals.

Crystal Dream by Daiva is a small business of hand made jewellery and hijab magnets that are adorned with Swarovski crystals. Each piece is lovingly hand made and the attention to detail is simply lovely.

"Created only with genuine crystals from Swarovski®, pearls, precious metals, sea shells and other natural materials, pieces bound to have the heads turning in awe.
One of our specialities is a revolutionised magnetic multi use scarf pin/brooch that protects your beautiful fabrics from the holes as well as tightens the dress, pins your tie or simply decorates your hat. Once you try it you can 't live without it!
All pieces are very limited edition or bespoke made with love in the UK.
Shine bright like a star that you are!"

Here is the piece that wa sent to me to feature so I hope you enjoy and please go and visit the Crystal Dream website here, Facebook here and Instagram here
Support your Muslim owned small businesses!

I had to try this! And yes the magnet is so strong I could actually feel it vibrate through my finger.

Then I thought I would try it out over the thicker part of my finger, and again it performed!


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Salam all,
Thought I would squeeze in an HOOTD for your viewing pleasure. 
Hijab is from Target, the drape dress is Sass and Bide but both are very old so are no longer available in store. 
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Inter Hijab - Luxury Silk Hijabs Plus Discount Code

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Salam Everyone!
I am back with another feature, this time a Sydney Australia based company called Inter Hijab. They specialise in luxury fabric hijabs in a huge variety of colours and patterns. 

Before I get to the feature I want to let you all know there is special offer for all my readers, get 20% off all orders by entering the code HIJABREV-TWENTY. How awesome is that? 
Also Inter Hijab offers free shipping for orders over $30 AUD within Australia and over $60 internationally! That deserves a big fat YAY!

I have been shying away from colour and pattern so much lately that I thought this would be a good opportunity to incorporate some lovely hues into my daily looks. And with summer looming over us Aussies, what better fabric to wear on our heads then lovely breathable silk. 

Hijab 1- Cream Floral Hijab
This hijab is a lovely peachy pink silk hijab with a pretty floral print. It has hues of army green, cream, peach and pink in it and looks lovely over grey, cream, white and even green coloured clothing. I think it is a perfect hijab to wear over the warmer weather.

Hijab 2 - Green Floral Hijab
Another perfect hijab for spring/summer this hijab encapsulates all my favourite colours - teal, peach and green. It will definitely pop over any ensemble and bring sunshine into your life. Just looking at it makes me happy!

I am wearing a jersey ninja from Rayannes Design to ensure everything is covered.

Hijab 3 - Exotic Pink Silk Hijab
This has got to be my absolute favourite from the three! It's fiery tones of hot pink, red and colourful paisley print mean it will match almost every colour you choose to wear. Incredibly light weight it is also surprisingly easy to style. 

Make sure you follow Inter Hijab via FB, Instagram, Youtube, and you can make your purchases through their website here.

Oh before I forget Eid Mubarak! I was absent from blogging for a short time due to unforeseen circumstances but alhumdulillah for everything!
Inshallah you Eid was a good one, mine was a quiet affair and to see what I wore head on over to my Instagram @hijabrevivalofficial

Adorn yourself in Amé Adornment

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It is always a pleasure for me to bring you exciting and new hijabi friendly products on the market, it is even more exciting for me support homegrown Aussie businesses who create beautiful products right here in Australia. Insert Amé Adorment.

I was sent a jersey hijab in the shade 'wheat' to wear, style and review. I chose this colour as it is simply the most perfect shade to go with absolutely everything. It's neutral hue will bring out any colour/pattern you are wearing without clashing horribly. 

Now I know you are probably wondering what makes this jersey hijab stand out from the crowd? Let me count the ways!
1. It is made of modal jersey which is incredibly soft and luxurious. Because it is so soft it also drapes perfectly.
2. The quality fabric is very durable and eco-friendly
3. It is more air permissible than cotton (keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter)
4. It has anti-bacterial properties 
5. The hijabs are made right here in Australia so you know they are not manufactured in some dingy sweatshop and by supporting local businesses you are encouraging sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices!

My final verdict? I absolutely loved it! I felt as though the colour was perfect for my fair skin (and I am positive it will suit all skin tones!) I also found wearing it very easy, I simply folded in the seamed end (about 3 cm's in) and pinned it under my chin. Then I wrapped one end around my head, pinned it using my current fave jewel pin from Hijab Jewels, and I was good to go. Here are some pictures I took. Enjoy!

Pinned using my current favourite Hijab Jewels pin (link above), so simple and classy which goes perfectly with the simple and classy Amé hijab.

Note:Scarf dimensions: 85 x 160 cm for extra coverage and luscious drape.

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