Hijabis AU - Tassels and Jewels

Friday, September 12, 2014

I recently styled and trialled these lovely and very IN Hijabis AU tassel hijabs in the gorgeous hues of lavender and mint. These hijabs add an instant boho chic feel to any outfit because of their cute as a button rainbow tassels.

The hijabs are very thin and made of viscose, so they are very nice for mild to warm days. They are non slippery and sit very well on and around the face. If you fold them properly when storing you won't even have to iron them which is excellent for mums and working women. 

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Tassels over tassels and casual denim and maxi skirt day wear.

Tassels for dayyys!

Here I teamed the mint green version with a powder blue cocoon coat and a stripe top for a trip to the museum. 

Hijabis AU also sell beautiful jewellery to accompany their hijabs and clothing range so you can purchase a whole look including accessories. Pretty handy especially with Eid around the corner inshallah!

French Vanilla by Abaya Collection

Friday, August 29, 2014

There are times in your life when you see a particular design and you know exactly how you would wear it and how it will look. You just know. Well that's how I felt when i saw this French Vanilla abaya from Abaya Collection. It's sleek modern design drew me in and of course as Australia is coming into Spring inshallah the colour is absolutely perfect for those impromptu trips to the sea side to eat ice cream and fish and chips (and in that order too!)

Made of 100% cream linen this abaya is lined for modesty, and features little round buttons that resemble clear lollies running down the front and also at the cuffs. It also has pockets on both sides (yay!) and a collar.

Anyway enough rambling and let us let the pictures do the talking.

The details..

This abaya comes from the Oud Collection, and if you purchase anything from this line you will recieve a free Attar! I recieved the scent Romance which smells absolutely heavenly. 

I love butterflies.

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Insta Update

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

If you follow me on Instagram (@hijabrevivalofficial) then you would have seen these HOOTD pictures. Make sure you head on over to my account and click the "follow" button pronto! There's lots to see including my latest accessory designs (think heavy jewelled harnesses and genuine mother of pearl shoulder pieces!)
I have a few features scheduled from Abaya Collection, Hijabis AU, Wandering Nomad and Ame Adornment just to name a few. 
Anyway enjoy this eye-fest and hold on tight as I have a bunch of new stuff coming your way!

Hijabead - Asia's first hijab subscription box!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hey girlssss! Inshallah you have all been well! I haven't been able to blog regularly as a) it is currently winter here in Australia and pretty cold and b) because it's cold I have been hibernating in my home snuggling up on the couch with endless cups of hot tea and a movie.
So I thought I would blog about this cutie-patootie product I was sent by an Asia based company called Hijabead. It is Asia's first hijab subscription box catering to all your hijabi needs. 
Like most subscription boxes you need to fill out a personality type test first so that the lovely people at hijabead know what your likes and dislikes are. This is to ensure you recieve a box filled with goodies you actually like. 
I asked them to surprise me with whatever they like as I am not so fussy and try to make things work for me. 
These are the things I received.
This is what the box looks like. How bloody adorable is it?!?

The goodies are wrapped in purple crepe paper just for that added cuteness.

So here are all the things I recieved.
1) a white and blue striped square chiffon hijab
2) a two toned stretchy undercap, one end a dark grey and the other end a much lighter grey. I thought this was geniuses as you get two products in one!
3) a little pouch with 3 colourful pins
4) a gorgeous beaded flower brooch with pearls, rhinestones and crochet lace. It is backed with felt and sports a brooch backing so you can attach it anywhere you like.
5) the brooch comes in a lovely floral pouch which I think is so handy to keep little bits and bobs in.

Beautiful or what?

Here is how I styled the square hijab. I wore it over more stripes! This is not normally the look I go for but hey we all need to step out of our comfort zones once in a while!

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Eid 2014 - Wildflower

Monday, July 28, 2014

Eid Mubarak everyone! Inshallah you all had a nourishing, fruitful Ramadan and a wonderful happy Eid!
So I had bought a couple of things for Eid during Ramadan and I was happy about my purchases. That was until I saw the Wildflower skirt by Sorayya which changed my mind instantly.  The change worked out perfectly as Eid day was a sunny affair and the pretty floral and cheerful colours matched the weather.

This skirt is designed in the 1950's style with its thick high waist band and slim cut. It also features a very clever kick pleat for easy walking. 

I wore the skirt with a plain denim shirt which I tucked in at the front but left out in the back.

Made of a light fabric, this skirt is not see through and very spring/summer friendly. You can dress it up with heels or casual it up with a cute pair of flats or sandals. 

Make sure you go and check out their website here, their FB here and their Instagram page here for their latest collection, up to date news and special promos.