Tyaaz Collection - Bespoke Batik

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Do you love custom made pieces? Have you got a penchant for exotic fabrics and delicious colours? If you have ticked a resounding YES for everything then this post is dedicated to you.

Tyaaz Collection is an Australian owned company with an Asian-Australian fusion design style. It utilises beautiful Batik print fabric and creates gorgeous custom made pieces. I was sent this simply stunning maxi skirt in the almost edible watermelon shade that just screams summer!

I love how the batik print stands out so well against the warm shade of pinky coral. It's elasticised waist makes it easy to wear with its extra give and sits perfectly right on the waist. 

Pair it with a crop denim jacket, silver flats and matching hijab like I have here for the perfect summers day outfit or take it up a notch with a leather biker jacket and silver jewellery. The styling options are limitless. 

With its voluminous folds it's sits very nicely and does not cling at all. 

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Barakah Women - Modern | Sophisticated | Modest

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Baraka - an Australia designed and owned company catering to both hijabi and non hijabi women who appreciate modesty AND class. It's minimalist ethos really translates well for the contemporary modest woman as it allows for style "wiggle room". Whether you want to keep things simple and sleek or add your little touches of jewellery and layering here and there, Baraka clothing gives you the opportunity to make up your own mind.

Here I am wearing the double breasted linen jacket which is designed to be oversized so you can button it up and wear it as a tunic or leave it open. It's gorgeous tone really does appeal to my recent obsession with neautrals and the fact that it's 100% linen gives it a 5 star rating. 

If you are like me and love oversized tops then you will definitely love this jacket. Just make sure your bottoms are slim and not obnoxiously elaborate. 

You can buy this jacket and many more stunning pieces from the Baraka website. Go directly to the DB Linen Jacket, visit their Instagram page and visit their FB.

Exploring Melbourne - Queen Victoria Night Market

Sunday, February 8, 2015

I can't tell you how many comments and emails I have recieved from my international readers asking if I could write more posts about my hometown Melbourne. And when I come to think of it I too love reading/watching blog posts and vlogs about other places.

So if you were not aware Australia is currently in the summer season so there are plenty of fun outdoor activities happening right now. There are quite a few night markets available to attend and these usually revolve around food and a little shopping. 

A few weeks ago I attended the Queen Victoria Night Market with a couple of my family members and thoroughly enjoyed it! It was so packed with people and so hot! I actually have a YouTube vlog up on the event (link to the video and my youtube account in the sidebar  ------->) or scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch it now. 

I hope you enjoy this explorative post. Who knows, maybe this will be the deciding factor for your possible trip to Melbourne Australia :)

Insta-update - My latest looks on Instagram

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Here is another hijabi OOTD Instagram update for all you chickas who don't have an Instagram account. (My Instagram name is @hijabrevivalofficial or just click on the Instagram link on the sidebar --->)

Btw filmed a summer night out in Melbourne vlog for my YouTube account (you didn't know I have a YouTube account? Well yes I do! Link to my channel on the sidebar -> or alternatively you can click on the tab above that says 'YouTube')
I am editing that as we speak! Xxx

Layering it - Guest Post by Nadia

Friday, January 9, 2015

Assalam aleikum! My name is Nadia. I hope this finds you in good health and iman inshaAllah. I don’t have any experience in blogging but voluntered to do a guestblog to write about, how I approach the whole ”dressing modestly but yet individual”. My involvement in social media is basically limited to instagram (@nadia.mellouli) where I (almost) daily post things I experience.


You might know the feeling…
You imagine this perfect outfit in your head. But only to find when you start to put it on, you find the pants too tight, so you change them. Your dress too short, so you pick a longer one, and oh your blouse is see-through so you wear something underneath or top it up with a cardigan. As you stare in the mirror memoirs of Darth Vader in Star Wars come to you and look nothing like you had imagined.
Raise your hand if this has been a disturbing issue for you?

This situation used to be more of an everyday encounter, than a once in a while mishap. I would go out of my way to make a certain item work for me, and end up not using it. Maybe from a startingpoint of necessity, I began to experiment with different patterns, lenghts and layering in order to create a style that represented me but still didin’t go against what I believe. I changed a few things in this realization.

- The first thing I did was a realization of what I would wear. I stopped buying things that I knew I wouldn’t wear, meaning to accept that tight jeans and t-shirts just aren’t made for me to wear outdoor and realizing that I am not going to wear very feminine clothes with flower patterns outside either (the latter to big disapointment to my beloved mother). Having a lot of things you are not going to wear only adds confusion.

- Another thing is, no matter how cheap an item is, I stopped buying it unless I would still think it was nice if full-priced. To be honest I never was one to get excited about shopping excessively, just annoyed if I have something I never used. I reason a lot before buying things, hence also the reason why I usually shop alone (because my sister has given up on me: and no one else has the patience to go out with me).

- Thirdly if I don’t use an item within the days it is refundable, I return it to the store. Odds are that I won’t be using it much then. So as you can imagine I don’t have a great amount of items in my closet that I don’t use, so quality is important to me.
I am very concious about what I wish to cover, and the lenght of my skirts, dresses etc, so when I layer my clothes it is always with this in mind and it becomes the ”basis” of every outfit. Basis meaning it covers what I want. When wearing a maxiskirt, I love to put on shirts and top it up with a knit leaving all layers showing. I wear my jacket or oversize coat, sometimes over shoulder.

This fall/winter, being a resident in the colder part of Europe, I have really been enjoying oversized turtleneck knits. When wearing pants I only wear boyfriend jeans or loose fitted pants, I top this with a long shirt/dress to the knee, a shirt and knit, and an oversized coat. I have this tendency to roll up the sleeves of my coat leaving layers of clothes showing.

So to sum it up, I have a standard style, which I always do the same way, and then I create variation by opting for different colours and patterns. By having the same foundation, stylewise, I simplify the process of having to decide what and how to wear my outfits. Having felt what an amazing relief it is not have to “reinvent the wheel” every morning, I have gradually taking it one step by further, making it even more time (and energy) saving, by putting aside two hours every Sunday, to plan, iron and pick out my clothes for the following week. Having limited my ‘possibilities’ and avoiding clutter in my closet, getting dressed and ready in the morning has become less of Darth Vader experience
Last personal advice is always to ORGANIZE the wardrobe. I colorcoordinate all my clothes and my shoes are left in shoeboxes with polaroidpictures outside each box, so that I know exactly what I have and makes dressing alot easier. Every other week iron all my scarfs so they are ready to put on. In doing this I save alot of time and leaves me focusing on other, more important things.
What I’ve said isn’t groundbreaking, (which is why I will leave blogging to someone else), but just a few pointers that have really helped me find a style that I personally like and feel good about. 
Any thoughts?